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Pathway Caring for Children was founded in 1973 by Jim and Velma Bridges. Jim passed in 2009, but Velma remains here on staff at Pathway. Read on for Jim’s mission upon starting this agency. This is the foundation of what we do, and while they have evolved over the years we still seek to incorporate these seven values into our everyday work. 

This mission of my life is to actualize the following principles in my day-to-day interaction with myself, my family, the children who come to Pathway, the staff who work at Pathway, my church, and my friends:


· To love each person, helping to bear burdens and rejoicing in successes.

· To recognize progress, growth, and achievement, however small, and to encourage it in whatever ways possible.


· To offer respect to myself and all persons, as the precious, unrepeatable gifts from God that we are.


· To provide to others the security of knowing that I am here for them.


· To facilitate success in achieving goals that contribute to making our world a more beautiful, loving place.


· To take responsibility for myself and to encourage others to take responsibility for themselves.


· To become personally involved with others in their struggle for meaning and purpose in life, and in their movement toward a relationship with God.

~ Jim Bridges

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Pathway is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services, and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Pathway is funded in part by United Way of Greater Stark County, and is a Stark Mental Health Addiction Recovery provider www.StarkMHAR.org Pathway is also a member of the Ohio Children’s Alliance.

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