The Universe Knew What It Was Doing: An Adoption Journey

  • November 14th, 2022
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Courtney became a Pathway foster parent in 2017 after being moved to make a difference in the lives of children just miles from her home. She welcomed tiny Lanyon into her home when he was 11 months old with a history of medical trauma, developmental delays and eventual diagnosis of autism, ADHD, anxiety disorder, and neurodevelopmental disorder. 

Courtney has a degree in music therapy and when baby Landyn took an immediate liking to engaging with the piano and singing she felt the universe knew just what it was doing when it put Landyn in her home. 

Landyn made great development progress with the help of music! He loves to perform and sing for audiences large and small! 

Courtney and Landyn also have a beautifully unique family dynamic. Courtney shared, “From the start, I made an effort to form a relationship with Landyn’s biological parents and extended family. When his case moved to adoption several years later, I continued to keep his biological family in his life. To this day, I consider his mom the sister that God intended me to have.” 

Today, 5 year old Landyn is thriving thanks to the dedication of Courtney and additional support of family and Pathway wrap-around support!