Positive Youth Prevention

Positive Youth Prevention Programs

Skill Building – Healthy Relationships – Resilience Goals

For Pathway, meeting the youth and family where they are at is key to developing a positive, impactful relationship. We provide several positive youth development programs for teens, ages 12 through 17.

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Teens will be matched with a trained college-age mentor. Mentor relationships will help teens to practice building relationships while providing one-to-one attention where the focus is on learning about and practicing boundaries, increasing social awareness and practicing effective decision making. Teens will experience and acknowledge their own personal value to be able to work towards planning for their futures.

​Expressive Writing & BRAVE Groups

These groups provide teens with a healthy outlet to express themselves and their life experiences. Expressive writing gives teens the opportunity to self-identify and redirect life experiences through music. BRAVE (Building Relationships through Activities) group for young men provides opportunities to develop leadership skills through educational and volunteer activities. The overall focus of both groups is on building resilience through relationships.

Strengthening Families

Working with the entire family to develop strong relationships connect and be successful together through bonding, boundaries, and monitoring. Parents will learn effective ways to connect with and guide their children. Teens and children will learn about themselves and their role within their family as well as how to connect to their parents.

Learn More or Make a Referral

Contact: Lisa Brown Outreach Prevention Supervisor
EMAIL: lbrown@pathwaycfc.org
PHONE:  330.818.0453

​For Pathway, meeting the youth and family where they are at, is a key to developing a positive, impactful relationship.

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