Foster Care Statistics

Statistics of Foster Care in Ohio

The number of Ohio children coming into foster care has continued to rise during the opiate crisis. However, the number of foster families hasn’t risen as quickly. Take a look at these foster care system statistics:

  • An estimated 50% of all children in foster care are there because one or both of their parents are drug addicts.
  • There are nearly 3,000 more children in the Ohio child welfare system today than when the opiate crisis began 7 years ago.
  • Approximately 35% of Ohio’s foster children are in care because of reported abuse or neglect.
  • More than 16,000 children are part of Ohio’s foster care system.
  • Ohio has just 7,200 licensed foster families to fill this need.
  • The number of Ohio kinship homes and placements of foster children with relatives has increased by 47% since 2016.
  • Pathway receives approximately 50 calls and referral requests per week from county agencies looking to place children in a safe and nurturing home.
  • On any given day, approximately 3,000 Ohio foster children are eligible for adoption.

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Who are Foster Children? 

Foster children have been abused, neglected, abandoned or come from families who are unable to care for them for a variety of reasons. These children often have been hurt because of the trauma they have experienced. They may have emotional and/or behavioral problems, or may have problems with building and maintaining healthy relationships with others. Foster children must also cope with separation from their birth families, an experience which is always difficult for them. They need a great deal of love, structure and stability.

Pathway serves children of all ages 0-18 years old. We are taking in a significantly larger number of babies and young children part of sibling groups than ever before. Approximately 68% of Pathway children are in care along with at least one sibling.

Foster parenting and fostering-to-adopt is a decision that will affect every aspect of your life, and the lives of your family members. There is a joy to be found in being a foster parent that you will not find in any other way. It is the joy of seeing a child come to your home, beaten down and discouraged, and, over time, seeing that child blossom and grow because of your decision