Family Empowerment

Family Empowerment for YOU

Our Family Empowerment Program is for any family struggling to manage their children’s behavior.

Its mission is to provide support for adoptive parents and families in similar situations, our Family Empowerment Program teaches and guides parents in implementing strategies that have proven effective in building trusting, healthy relationships.

Parents learn skills and techniques, specifically focusing on Trust Based Relational Interventions (TBRI). TBRI is a trauma-informed approach where caregivers will learn how to best connect with and empower their child while also correcting challenging behaviors. This program is appropriate for adoptive, foster, kinship, and any family struggling to manage their children’s behavior

Family Empowerment is effective because the child is able to live less in the “fear part of the brain” when a parent is connecting and regulated. Children and families work together to share power and work as a team while a parent is still “the Boss”. Parents identify the underlying need of the child, rather than looking at the surface of what is going on. The more the child sees and understands how to respond and what is expected of them they will want to be successful.

Pathway also offers special workshops and training sessions to support adoptive parents, as well as helpful support and connection to resources. Please see our current post-adoption support groups or call our office at 330.493.0083 for more information.

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