Post-Adoption & Kinship Support

Ongoing Support for Adoptive Families

Our goal is to support families in building trusting and lasting relationships for a lifetime. 

Adoptive families experience unique challenges, including loss, identity problems and control issues. At Pathway, we offer these families specialized support through our Post-Adoption Services. Our holistic approach involves looking at the whole child and the whole family.

We help adoptive parents become trauma-competent, healing caregivers who take an active role in helping their children – and their families – heal.

Mental Health Services
We provide individual, group and family therapy with sensitivity to adoption issues and the dynamics of an adoptive family. Our approach fosters family-centered, trauma focused, compassionate treatment.

Mental Health Case Management
This is a home-based service that offers heightened sensitivity to adoption issues and dynamics of the adoptive family.

The child and family’s needs direct our mental health case management. We help with school intervention, refer to other resources, and provide parent support and education.

Family Empowerment

We offer Family Empowerment which provides specialized case management for parents and families. Family Empowerment teaches and guides parents in implementing parenting strategies that have proven effective in building trusting, healthy relationships.

Pathway also offers special workshops and training sessions to adoptive parents, as well as helpful support, direction, and connection to resources. Please see our current post-adoption support groups or call our office at 330.493.0083 for more information.

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