• July 29th, 2021
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Jeff and Beth Range were brand new Pathway foster parents when they got a call asking to care for toddler Maddie and baby Zoey, who was in critical condition at MetroHealth Hospital. 5-month-old Zoey was diagnosed with a severe case of shaken baby syndrome, marijuana in her system, and broken bones. The initial prognosis was most likely paralysis.

Jeff and Beth were by Zoey’s side for serious brain and eye surgeries, taking turns sleeping at the hospital, and caring for Maddie who had significant developmental delays, a result of abuse and severe neglect.

When Pathway’s intake manager visited the Range home, Zoey had cloudy eyes and was not very responsive. 2-year-old Maddie did not make eye contact and did not know how to play with toys, she was a lonely lost little girl in a new environment.

After a year of being in care, Zoey, a playful 2-year-old, could greet you with both hands and

make direct eye contact! Maddie was a joyful toddler talking up a storm and sharing about all her toys!

Without hesitation Jeff and Beth always went the extra. Jeff shared,

“Wehadfalleninlovewiththem,” and they began the process to adopt. In October of 2020 Jeff, Beth, Maddie, and Zoey became a forever family.

YOUare the difference between children feeling lost and knowing there is hope for the lifelong journey of adoption. Thanks to your commitment Zoey and Maddie are thriving in their new family!


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