• July 29th, 2021
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Walking into Caleb and Julia Kudlo’s home there is an instant feeling of comfort and ease. Teens who have built a thick skin of mistrust and can go into instant survival mode are exactly who Caleb and Julia feel called to welcome into their home.

Julia shared, “We work with youth in our own neighborhood and youth outreach through our church. We wanted to get licensed in case a child we already knew needed a home. Teens are going through critical development, and we want to be the positive adult influences.”

After only a week of being licensed Caleb and Julia received a request in September 2020 for siblings, ages 15 and 16 years old. In the middle of the pandemic and adjusting to homeschooling, Caleb and Julia jumped right in to tackle these new challenges.

The Kudlos always honored each sibling’s privacy while also creating an environment of trust to be able to share needs and thoughts.

The family has since bonded over playing basketball, making brownies from scratch, and taking new trips to get everyone out of their comfort zones.

Julia gave insight on her view of fostering teens.


Caleb and Julia have been flexible and resilient to the ups and downs of dealing with teens and the frequent plot twists that happen with foster care realities.

YOUR dedication has encouraged foster families like the Kudlos to be determined, creative, nurturing, and to show the children in their homes unwavering stability.