7 easy ways ANYONE can make a child’s holiday at Pathway!

  • November 10th, 2022
  • By Pathway Caring for Children
  1. WE NEED YOUR HELP to make our 50th Auction and celebration on March 4th at Firestone Country Club a night to remember! Interested in volunteering right from YOUR home? Make some phone calls, gather some donations, be creative with decorations! The possibilities are endless! Contact Kharris@pathwaycfc.org to learn how you can get involved TODAY!
  2. YOUR Invitation has Arrived! RSVP to the No Dance Ball and ensure every child receives the gift of PEACE, JOY, WARMTH, & COMFORT! GIVE NOW
  3. Online shopping this holiday season? Designate Pathway as your charity of choice when shopping amazon smile! Following this link will automatically donate a portion of your amazon purchases to Pathway: CHOOSE PATHWAY ON AMAZON SMILE
  4. Have a conversation about Pathway with friends or family during your holiday gatherings! Word of mouth is a great buzz generator to get the word out! You never know who might want to be a foster parent, or knows a family who could use some extra mental health support.
  5. Follow Pathway on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and share the posts so your friends and followers hear about Pathway! Studies show people need to hear or see something 7 times before they remember it! 
  6. Browse our website and learn more about all Pathway programs! Do you know what Bridges is? Or that Pathway provides school-based services? How about Family Empowerment?
  7. READ some blog posts! You’re here which is a great start, now click some others that look interesting and be up to date on all things Pathway!