Blog Post: Rosa, Pathway Foster Parent

Planting Seeds with Rosa

  • May 5th, 2023
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

30 years ago Rosa Sanchez felt a calling to call Pathway and has never looked back. Rosa grew up in a generous and caring household where her mother would take neighborhood kids to the store and buy them clothes if she knew their families were in need, and every child on the block could find a hot meal there. Rosa has continued this legacy by being a Pathway foster parent and welcoming 109 children into her home! She has planted thousands of seeds to instill work ethic, values, and that each child is worthy of love and has the capacity to love others.  

 Affectionately referred to as Grandma Rosa whether she is blood related or not, Rosa has adopted 7 children and has kept in contact with countless Pathway kids well into their adult lives. Rosa shared, “When they come to my house, they are mine. They will have stability and make sure each child knows they are not alone. Somewhere they can call home. I just can’t stop being a foster parent even after all these years. Kids are different today. You have to be creative and can’t give up 

I always hope I leave them with enough direction in life. And then they show up at my doorstep years later to say thank you or show me their family. One said “I know how to be a parent, because of you Rosa. And another has told me “I clean every Saturday because you taught me to keep a tidy home.”  

Often we want to see instant results and immediate change. But seeds take time. They need care. Then those seeds will sprout and grow, and continue to spread. It may not be seen right away but Rosa knows when those kids give her a call or show up for a visit it’s working and things are growing because of the seeds that were planted.  

Your support has given foster parents like Rosa the encouragement to keep going.

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