Ruby’s Story

  • February 11th, 2022
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Sweet, tiny, Ruby came into a Pathway foster home when she was two years old. This special child had been living with her grandmother since birth. Grandma loved Ruby, but she was struggling with dementia and just could not provide the constant care a toddler requires. When Ruby came into Pathway’s care this precious little girl was still drinking from a bottle, had no hair, and behaved like a much younger child.

Pathway foster parents Tom and Christine were just who this little two-year-old needed. They lovingly cared for Ruby, provided proper nutrition, emotional support, and countless bedtime stories to help her fall asleep at night. Ruby grew, her hair came back in (she had been pulling it out before), and once she started eating a full diet -more than just milk- she physically began to look like other children her age.

Ruby’s behaviors did not match her age though. She struggled with words, she did not respond when people called her name, did not smile, or would not look people in the eye. Pathway’s support team worked with Tom and Christine to get Ruby a diagnosis for her behavioral issues, the first step in addressing them.

Tom and Christine were willing, and equipped to handle a child with autism, Ruby’s diagnosis. With proper counseling and support, so important at her young age, Ruby is growing and changing. Tom and Christine came into her life, and she theirs, at just the right moment. Soon Ruby will become a permanent member of their family though adoption.

Ruby, Tom, and Christine, and you, are all part of the Pathway family – we are in this journey together. It started at Pathway – with training and licensing Tom and Christine, and careful placement of Ruby. The journey continues – through the adoption process, with post-adoption support, counseling, case management, and with guidance for the challenges ahead. And, with celebration of all the joys along the way.

We have a great need for families willing to be therapeutically licensed foster homes.

Sibling groups, teenagers, and children with medical issues all deserve love and care. As a therapeutically licensed home, it will take patience, resilience, creativity, flexibility, humor, and love. There is so much room for healing. You will be that soft landing spot as they begin to pick up the pieces of their lives.

We can’t wait to hear how YOU want to make a difference!