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Safe Spaces for Healing

  • January 24th, 2024
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Counseling looks different for every child. Some like talking, and others find comfort in playing games or artistic expression. For Ethan, his flute is like a cozy blanket for his feelings. 

12-year-old Ethan had a lot of emotions built up without being able to sort through them. Pathway therapist, Mandy, was understanding when Ethan shared about the challenges of sixth grade, living with his grandparents instead of his mom, and managing anger. 

Mandy could tell Ethan was having a hard time expressing his feelings. She knew Ethan was part of his middle school band and played the flute. Mandy had an idea. “Sometimes, doing things you love can help express your feelings.”

Ethan took out his old flute, and at first, he played quietly. But soon, the music turned into a confident tune that focused all the emotions he couldn’t put into words. When the last note played, Ethan felt a sense of relief. 

Ethan shared, “I always leave Pathway feeling better. Mandy is a good listener.” 
In this mix of talking and music, Pathway has become a safe place for Ethan, where his flute helped him feel better, thanks to Mandy’s care and guidance.

It’s his special way of expressing what’s inside when words don’t quite do the job. Everyone has their own unique way of feeling better, and that’s what makes counseling special for each person.

>>YOUR support is the path to a new beginning for kids like Ethan.

Pathway’s counseling services create a safe, judgment-free space for children to express themselves, fostering resilience and hope for a brighter future. Pathway therapists offer a nonjudgmental and comforting space for kids to be kids and feel their feelings. Reach out today to learn more about caring and confidential services!