• July 29th, 2021
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

YOUR dedication to Pathway has allowed us to expand support services including prevention. The Positive Youth Prevention Program is meant to build healthy adult and teen relationships. It is proven that having just one trusted adult in a teen’s life who consistently shows up can have a lasting positive impact.

The Prevention Group is a small group of pre-teens and teens that meet weekly to cook, eat, and fellowship. Teens and local volunteer college mentors connect over games, crafts, community volunteering, skill building, and fun outings like hiking and visiting the zoo.

During “Table Talks” volunteer mentors share wisdom and personal experiences while the group learns lessons on positive healthy relationships, making good daily decisions, and budgeting finances to name a few.

Over the last year, powerful bonds have been formed. The weekly meeting has created a safe space to share thoughts and feelings. One member shared he never had friends before the Prevention Group and feels comfortable talking about what is going on in his life.

One teen is now in Army basic training. The prevention group is eagerly awaiting her return in the fall to finish high school, and in the meantime, they write her letters of encouragement.

Teens and mentors have also worked on life skills including interviewing and completing job applications.

Two teens are now working part time!

Your loyalty to Pathway programs is the reason teens successfully transition into independence, and know they have a community of caring adults they can trust.