YOU can make a difference in a foster child’s life! #FosterCareMonth

  • May 10th, 2022
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

May is #FosterCareMonth! Right NOW, there are foster children here in our community waiting for a family to provide them love, guidance, structure, and stability.

That’s why our great NEED for therapeutically licensed foster parents continues – and YOU can make a difference in a foster child’s life!

Foster parents are ordinary people just like you who are genuinely concerned about the children and families in their community. They are people who want to make a difference and believe that they can impact a child’s life in a positive way.

YOU’RE invited to join us on Tuesday, June 7th for Pathway’s NEW pre-service training classes. You’ll learn about Pathway and the difference that you can make in a foster child’s life.

Once you decide to become a foster parent, you will receive 24/7 support and training from our dedicated team as we walk you through every step of your foster care or foster-to-adopt journey.

There is so much room for healing. You will be that soft landing spot as they begin to pick up the pieces of their lives.

We can’t wait to hear how YOU want to make a difference!

Contact our Recruitment Manager, Shawn Henry: or 330-818-0444

Pathway foster parents are committed to saying YES day in and day out to the daily joys and challenges of parenting.

Foster parents are agents of positive and enduring change by selflessly welcoming hurting children into their homes. Your support allows foster parents and kids the ability to work toward a unified goal of building trust and stability. Because of YOUR commitment to Children in 2022…

-over 91 foster children have slept soundly in a FOSTER HOME.

-3 foster children have found their FOREVER HOME THROUGH ADOPTION.

-AND 10 additional foster children are in the process of being adopted.

-29 NEW Families are in the process of becoming or are licensed foster homes!

We also thank our entire foster care team for going above and beyond every day! Pathway staff make sure the growing number of Pathway children are all getting the best care possible and foster homes have the support and resources they need!