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Pathway Caring for Children Foster Family Events

Welcome to our Foster Family Events Calendar!

At Pathway Caring for Children, we believe in the power of community and connection.

Throughout the year we feature a variety of events, from fun-filled outings to educational workshops, all meant to foster bonding, support, and enjoyment for both foster parents and children alike.


Foster Parent Appreciation Month- activities for all families to show our gratitude for your unwavering dedication!


Family Zoo Day at The Cleveland Zoo

Summer Social in the Park


Trunk or Treat evening at Pathway locations for a fun and safe Halloween.


End of Year and Holiday Parties

Additional Resources for Pathway Foster Families Throughout the Year:

  • Family fun kits and baskets created by donors and volunteers to create opportunities for family bonding.
  • Welcome bags for all children coming into care to help with the difficult transition into a new home.
  • Mental Health Groups throughout the year for foster children to receive counseling and build resilience skills.
  • Family Empowerment
  • Ongoing Training for all foster families to keep their licenses up to date per state requirements. Many trainings are virtual. Occasional weekend trainings are offered to build community and a chance to complete hours in a shortened timeframe.

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How to Become a Foster Parent at Pathway

Foster parents and those wishing to foster-to-adopt are ordinary people who are genuinely concerned about the children and families in their community. They are people who want to make a difference and believe that they can positively impact a child’s life. Foster parents provide not only the basic food, clothing, and shelter that all children need but also love, guidance, discipline, and stability.

At Pathway, we’ll set you up for success to become a foster parent in Ohio, providing services and resources. Have some questions? Fill out the inquiry box on this page!

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