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Foster Parent Pre-Service Training Schedules

Foster Parent Pre-Service Training is NOW Virtual!

The first step to become a foster parent is to contact our Recruitment Department. We are here to answer your questions about foster parenting. Contact our Recruitment Department at Foster@pathwaycfc.org today!

YOU can make an impact on a child's life. Our foster parent training consists of learning sessions designed to help you develop skills and tools as you begin to understand how foster children have been affected by their troubled backgrounds.

You learn the importance of working as a team with social workers, schools and counselors, all for the benefit of you and the children you welcome into your home. Our staff and trainers guide you through behavior management, realistic expectations, and the entire foster parent licensure process.


  •  Virtual per-service classes beginning April 7th! 

  •  Become licensed in just over a month! 

  •  Jump in at any time and we'll host make-up sessions. 

Become licensed from the comfort of your home. Fill out the inquiry form below or contact Foster@pathwaycfc.org to learn more!


Beginning 4/07 all sessions online via Zoom. Classes will be 3 hours each with alternating times throughout the week


April 7- Orientation
April 9- Child Development
April 14- Trauma and its Effects
April 15- Child Protection Team
April 16- Managing Emotions and Behaviors
April 21- Understanding Primary Families
April 22- Post-Adoptions Issues
April 23- Long Term Separation
April 28- Minimizing the Trauma of Placement
April 29- Transcending Differences in Placement
April 30- Child Sexual Abuse
May 5- Effects of Caregiving
TBD- Orientation II


Classes will be 3 hours each with alternating times Fridays, Saturdays, and one Sunday


June 5- Orientation 

June 6- Child Development 

June 6- Understanding Primary Families 

June 12- Child Protection Team 

June 13- Trauma and its Effects 

June 13- Effects of Care Giving 

June 14- CPR 

June 14- First Aid 

June 19- Post-Adoption Issues 

June 20- Minimizing the Trauma of Placement 

June 20- Managing Emotions and Behaviors 

June 26- Long-Term Separation 

June 27- Child Sexual Abuse 

June 27- Transcending Differences 

Being a good foster parent requires:
  • TIME
Beyond that, these are some of the qualities that Pathway Case Managers feel make a GREAT foster parent:


  • Having reasonable expectations and meeting a child where they are at.

  • The ability to create an enriching lifestyle for the children in the home.

  • Being a good team player by consulting with case managers when issues arise.

  • Offering some normalization for a child by integrating them into the foster family and also allowing them experiences outside of the foster home when appropriate

  • Supporting biological family relationships and engaging when appropriate.

  • Self-motivating.

  • Successfully handling transitions and helping children do the same.

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