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Nurturing Mental Health: The Power of Gratitude

  • November 2nd, 2023

Discover the transformative power of gratitude: uplift mood, foster resilience, promote mindfulness, boost self-esteem, and cultivate compassion.

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How to Make Trick-or-Treating Less Scary: Tips for Kids Who Have Experienced Trauma

  • October 6th, 2023

Make Halloween safe for children with trauma: plan ahead, choose a familiar route, use a buddy system, and create a comfortable costume choice.

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How to Embrace Connection: Building Trust During Fall

  • October 3rd, 2023

Here are some cozy tips for building trust and connection with children during the fall season.

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Saving Lives: The Importance of Suicide Prevention and Awareness

  • September 19th, 2023

Addressing youth suicide: empower with QPR training, reduce stigma, and prioritize early intervention for a compassionate and supportive community.

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Therapy Terms – What does that mean?

  • August 21st, 2023

Pathway therapists use many Trauma-Focused approaches including CBT, CPST, EMDR, and DBT to help children heal. Learn what each means and how it helps!

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Are you a worrier? Helping young kids know it’s OK

  • August 18th, 2023

Has anyone ever said to you, “It could be worse”, “Get over it, it’s not that big of…

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Make Back to School a Success for Everyone

  • August 15th, 2023

Make Back-to-School a breeze for you and the children in your home! Can you believe it’s that time…

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Putting the Pieces Together with Art Therapy

  • July 19th, 2023

Art therapy allows the kids to express themselves in a creative and free manner. Many Pathway kids come…

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Horses and Hope to be Resilient

  • July 19th, 2023

Pathway has partnered with Whispering Grace Horses for the last 7 years. It is a place where Pathway…

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