Climbing to NEW Heights at TRUST Camp

  • August 2nd, 2022
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Getting out of comfort zones, stretching self-imposed limits, and forming healthy bonds are what TRUST Camp is all about!

The ‘hill climb’ exercise stresses teamwork and communication. The hill is steep, almost a vertical incline. At all times you need the help of people at the top to tell you where hands and feet should go and those below you to provide support.

Several teens were too scared to start. But slowly, one by one teens mustered up the courage to climb. Pathway clinical supervisor, Traci Tsai said, “It was phenomenal. They realized as a team they could finish all together as staff and campers. One teen even reached out just in time to catch me and saved me from slipping a far distance.”

2022 was Shayla’s first year at camp. Ziplining and high ropes were her favorite activities! She exclaimed, “I love it and would go a million times more. It’s so fun, it’s amazing and I feel free as a bird and flying high, just not a care in the world. I’m afraid of heights, but here I’m not scared at all!”

YOUR support reaches far beyond the walls of an office. YOU are allowing teens who have experienced trauma, poverty, losses, and neglect the chance to regain innocent joys and just be a kid. Thank you!