Express Yourself: Benefits of Art Therapy

  • July 12th, 2022
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Art is a non-threatening form of therapy for many because of its free-flowing nature. Pathway children often come from a background of trauma which has a significant impact on how they behave and relate to other people. During art groups, kids can express themselves in a way that doesn’t require them to put words to their stories. Creativity can unlock ideas, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs- all are powerful healing tools.

Using art to develop a positive group relationship takes away a barrier that uncomfortable conversations and discussions can often create. During an art session, one group member began to share that he was bullied at school and how this made him feel. Another group member quickly related to this and stated that they too have been bullied; an instant bond formed as these two individuals could share empathy for one another. This organic bond is a true testament to the innate power of art therapy and the expressive freedom that comes along with it.