Blog Post: Make Back To School A Success For Everyone

Make Back to School a Success for Everyone

  • August 15th, 2023
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Make Back-to-School a breeze for you and the children in your home!

Can you believe it’s that time again? A smooth transition into the new school year is so important for success both at home and during the school day. Follow these tips to shake any back-to-school jitters. 

  1. Set a realistic routine with a set bedtime, unplug time, relaxation, play, and homework time. 
  2. Set up a reward system for small things such as going to the classroom calmly, getting homework done, and any other expectations you have for your child. 
  3. Set up play dates with peers to allow the child to get acquainted with others in the class and make connections. 
  4. Ask how your child is at the end of the day, validate feelings, and allow them to discuss feelings without being judged. Have this discussion while the child is unplugged and has your full attention. 
  5. Get outside and relieve some built-up energy. Go on a family walk, play catch, or play tag. Find ways to connect with your child and allow them to get built-up energy out from the school day. 
  6. Let children be involved when planning lunches and transportation. This gives them both a sense of what to expect and independence.
  7. Teacher Relationships– build a dialogue with teachers and let them know that you want the best for the classroom just like them.

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