Blog Post: Art Therapy

Putting the Pieces Together with Art Therapy

  • July 19th, 2023
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Art therapy allows the kids to express themselves in a creative and free manner. Many Pathway kids come from a background of trauma which has a big impact on how they behave and relate to other people. Using art to develop positive relationships takes away a barrier that uncomfortable conversations and discussions can create. Creating also taps into the subconscious and helps people express what is inside them, often without knowing it’s in there. 

This summer Pathway kids had the opportunity to collaborate and create a picture mosaic. Each child was given several square blocks labeled to either use warm or cool colors. These pieces were designs and could stand alone but were meant for the bigger picture.

The teamwork and cooperation allowed the group to encourage and support one another through each piece of art, and the kids could express themselves in a way that didn’t require them to put words to their story.   

The full picture was not revealed to the group until all sections were completed. When all pieces were put together the results were amazing!  Everyone could see a colorful unicorn.

The kids really related to the unicorn theme. Though a mythical creature, it is said that to be called a unicorn means you are rare and highly valued. And in ancient times it was thought that the horn of a unicorn had healing powers. There was a sense of accomplishment when the full picture was completed and knowing that their art would be enjoyed by all who come to Pathway’s office.

YOUR loyalty to Pathway programs lets children and teens unlock ideas, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are all powerful tools in the healing process. Thank you!