The Power of a Horse

  • July 6th, 2022
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

Pathway has partnered with Whispering Grace Horses for the last 5 years to provide powerful healing opportunities for children and teens.

All the horses at Whispering Grace Horses have come from hurt and troubled backgrounds- maybe abuse, people giving up on them, or not meeting unattainable expectations. Pathway children can identify with these horses and a unique experience presents itself during each visit. Children and teens learn to care for each horse, treat them with respect and build trust, and take pride in being given the responsibility to brush and walk the horses.

Lily is a student that struggles with anxiety and social interactions. She went with a Pathway group to Whispering Grace and connected immediately with a beautiful black horse named Lucy. Since regularly working with Lucy, Lily’s anxiety levels have decreased, she is more outgoing and is beginning to use new coping skills to manage her anxiety.

YOUR support of Pathway partnerships has helped Lily grow, develop effective coping skills, and improve her socialization!