• July 29th, 2021
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

(Teens Realizing & Understanding Selves Together)

After a year of disappointments, daily uncertainty, and anxiously awaiting the decision whether to even have TRUST Camp, teens were more than ready to leave the burdens of their lives behind and dive into new friendships, deep fireside chats, and conquering fears!

One quiet young lady, Alayah, had felt a lot of anxiety about several activities. She was slow to trust and open up. Her peers continued to encourage and support her choices, and on the last day of camp she jumped at the opportunity to ride a horse. This was a BIG deal! She had found strength and courage to overcome paralyzing nerves.

As it was time to head to bed that evening, Alayah even gave her group leader a gentle hug. Deep connections that are formed over new experiences lay the foundation for therapeutic breakthroughs.

The high ropes course offers an exhilarating free fall dead drop. One teen could not get enough!


Adult responsibilities come far too soon for many Pathway teens. TRUST Camp lets teens release the daily struggles they carry, and allows them to be carefree for five much needed days.

YOUR partnership follows teens as they discover hope and potential for their lives to be different, experience success, grow in their confidence, and reach within to achieve all that they thought was not possible.