You can help Prevent Suicide

  • September 9th, 2022
  • By Pathway Caring for Children

September is National Suicide Prevention Month

Youth suicidal ideation/thoughts, attempts, and completion are on the rise. Results from the 2019 Youth Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System show that 18.8% of high school students seriously considered attempting suicide and 8.9% did attempt suicide. These statistics are not ok. Suicide is preventable. Here’s how you can help prevent suicide:

  1. Know the warning signs. These include verbal suicidal threats, previous suicide attempts, preoccupation or obsession with death, depression, and final arrangements.
  2. Create barriers. Interventions include building barriers on bridges, removing guns from homes with at-risk youth, lethal means counseling and reducing medication load available, using gun safety locks and lock cabinets, hiding keys and using combination numbers for gun access.
  3. Refer to mental health resources. Examples include medical interventions, support groups, effective clinical care for mental disorders, and family and community support.

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